Pertech™ is a recognized leader in providing reliable and cost-effective color matching and workflow support services

The key to comprehensive quality control is the use of our in-house laboratory. Having an state-of-the-art testing lab is absolutely necessary to manufacture superior sheetfed products. Pertech's in-house laboratory is a primary component to achieve our mission of maintaining strict control over every aspect of manufactured quality and is an integral piece of our success. Our testing lab allows for timely, accurate, cost-effective testing that ensures every product, from raw material to finished goods, meets all of our quality requirements.

State-of-the-art digital color matching hardware and software, color assessment booths and impressive florescent room lighting are just a few of the measures we have taken to ensure that every batch of every ingredient we process is calculated and tested for color identity and purity before being allowed to be distributed to stock our warehouse or shipped out to our customers. Some of our products are tested again after the mixing phase of manufacturing to ensure a homogeneous mix of ingredients has been obtained. Then, the finished product is tested and proofed again before being released for sale. Such stringent attention to quality control is extremely difficult to accomplish without our testing laboratory. For more information on our Lab Support Service please email us at:

Pertech Corporation proudly uses X-Rite™ Color Management Systems to assist our lab chemists and technicians in controlling ink inventories, managing formulas and providing accurate formulations.

NOTE: X-Rite™ Color Management Systems deployed by the Pertech Corporation are formulated to work with only PERTECH PRINTING INKS.
Pertech Corporation makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of color matching formulas allocated in the database if used with another BRAND, as our systems are set up to work with no other mixing inks other than the PERTECH BRAND. The formulas provided herein are supplied as a guide for blending the colors. However, many variables may affect the final appearance of the printed color. These may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Variations in paper characteristics such as color, quality, texture, gloss and absorption levels.
  • Applied ink film thickness (density)
  • Using out of date color references
  • Ink/Water balance
  • Press and Pressroom conditions
  • Form layout
For more information on Color Matching Service please email us at:

    Our in-plant laboratory support service is an arrangement between Pertech Corporation and a client to set up an testing lab and ink room on-site at the client’s facility. This arrangement is customized according to the needs of each customer, the typical installation includes trained manpower, required hardware, lab equipment and manufacturing machinery necessary for the blending of the customer’s ink. Manpower may include an Pertech Corporation chemist(s) and\or technician(s), also a client appointed staff member who has been properly trained by one of our technicians may occupy this our laboratory.

    Our clients have found there are many benefits to using our In-Plant Services and Support Team, most of their noted benefits are:
    • PERTECH minimized their downtime and lost production
    • We minimized any and all catastrophic and costly failures
    • We also helped improve their production capacity 
    • We increased their plant productivity
    • We helped improve their product quality
    Use of our in-plant support service arrangement may also include our (VMI) Vendor Managed Inventory Program, This is a consignment of products required to maintain the clients work flow, this process allows faster turnaround times and a smoother production of PANTONE® PMS and\or SPECIAL MATCH COLORS. For more information please "click this link" to download our services brochure.

    Note: To qualify for our (VMI) program the customer must agree turn to maintain a predetermined (LOP) Level of Purchase. If the customer’s purchases fall below agreed upon threshold, the customer may be subject additional charges. For more information on our in-plant service and VMI program please email us at:

    Workflow has become a critical issue to the profitable production of print. Craft oriented operations such as prepress have become completely digital and rely on high speed networks, sophisticated desktop applications, a myriad array of servers, rips, digital proofing and output technologies. Digital technologies are also profoundly affecting the printing technologies themselves. Additionally, the pressmen and many clients also live with the rising issues of problematic workflows.

    Helping with the challenges of creating a predictable and efficient workflow producing successful results,  Pertech’s approach is to work with our clients to establish fundamental practices in the production of print. Working with existing resources, we have trained IT staff of system administrators to approach system optimization and consistency to maximize the results produced by your workflow. For more information on Workflow Support and Service please email us at