Monday, September 19, 2011

ISO standards 2846-1 and 12647-2

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In order to prevent varying statements about standardization in offset printing and standard printing inks, we would like to explain here, in more detail, the ISO standards 2846-1 and 12647-2, which are appearing increasingly in discussions and articles.

ISO standard 2846-1 is a worldwide standard regarding the standardization of ink colour shades for offset inks. This standard determines the ink colour shade of laboratory proofs on the standard coated paper APCO II/II with particular ink-film thicknesses (g/m²). This is used by printing ink manufacturers to set the ink colour shade, while keeping within the permitted colour tolerance range.

Irrespective of ink manufacturer and ink series there are process printing inks, which meet the colorimetric data required by ISO standard 2846-1, but are unable to fulfill this standard within the required ink thickness, due to the increased colour strength of modern printing inks and the somewhat warmer ink tones required by the market.